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Nade Freedom Hotel is located at the crossing of Huzhou Street and Shenban Road in Gongshu District, Hangzhou adjacent to the mature cultural and commercial blocks, including Zhejiang University City College, Gongshu District Government, Canal New CBD, North Sports Park, as well as the Hangzhou Grand Hotel, one of four most magnificent ancient projects in the world. Being situated in Hangzhou Northern CBD, the hotel enjoys convenient traffic and features cozy and elegant decoration style, devoting itself to creating a hotel on the basis of highly standards that integrates business, meeting and entertainment.
Nade Freedom Hotel covers a total area of 6,243.3㎡ with 22 stories, a 4-story podium building, 2 underground stories and 261 guestrooms/suites. With luxury and elegant interior decoration, the hotel is equipped with a complete set of modern facilities like central air-conditioning and WASU TV. It has several large, medium and small meeting rooms, including two meeting rooms of over 800 square meters; it also has various functional spaces, like restaurants of different styles, entertainment and leisure center and spacious parking lot, to meet the needs of high-end business meetings, wedding banquets and accommodation.